Monday, November 14, 2016

IVF Part 7

October 5, 2016

The first part of October has a history of not being very good for us. October 6, 2012 was the due date for our twins. The date was always on our minds because it was our first pregnancy. We knew that date in and out. October 5th is usually the day we start thinking about that and how we wish we had our twins. October 5, 2013 was also the date we found out that our 2nd IUI didn't work. A lot of things fall around this time and it usually isn't that great....until today! Today I went in for my first beta. I got there at 8am. They told me that they try to get the results on the HCG tests out as fast as possible, but it could take as late as 6pm. A little before 11am I got a call. Chelsee was the one calling and she was so excited and said she had wonderful news that I was pregnant!!! I was so excited to hear this and she said she had to call me as soon as she could because she was excited for me. The HCG level came back at 252.21. This is the highest HCG level that I have had of all my pregnancies and it usually comes later. I think I am still in shock writing this. I go back and forth between being super excited and really nervous. We are not out of the woods on this by any means. We go in for a repeat test next Wednesday, October 12th. The hope is that the levels will be rising normally. It is going to be another long week of waiting, hoping, and praying!!!

October 12, 2016

The past week has gone by so SLOW!!! It has been hard not knowing what is going on. I went in this morning for my repeat HCG test and it came back at 2,480! This number is really good. This means my HCG is doubling every 50 hours. Normal is to double every 48-72 hours. Chelsee said she was really happy with those numbers and said to just keep taking the medicines that I have been. She then scheduled our 7 week ultrasound. It will be on October 25th. 13 days seems like so long to wait! In the meantime we will just keep hoping and praying that our baby or babies keep growing and staying strong, and hope for a good ultrasound in a few weeks!

October 21, 2016

Today I am 6 weeks 3 days along. The last time I was 6 weeks and 3 days was when I was pregnant with our twins, and on that day we found out we would be miscarrying. If we make it past today we will officially be the furthest along without receiving bad news! We are so anxious for our ultrasound on Tuesday. We are so excited, yet so nervous. We are so hopeful for the possibility of seeing a baby with a good strong heartbeat. We are also terrified that we won't. So many think that this process ends with the pregnancy test, but that is really just the beginning of all the worrying and waiting. Only 4 days left to wait for this step!

October 26, 2016

Yesterday we had our 7 week ultrasound. We were so excited to make it to this point and to be able to go see our baby or babies and hear a heartbeat. We were so anxious the night before and yesterday morning. The wait in the waiting room felt like forever. We finally got called back to the room and the ultrasound tech came in to do the ultrasound. She looked and saw one baby right away, but said she felt like there was another one and asked us how many embryos we transferred. We told her two. She went back to the first baby and let us hear the heartbeat. She then took other measurements and kept looking around. She said she could see another sac but she couldn't see a baby in it. She said it could just be the position of it in the uterus, or it could be that the baby stopped growing early on. We were still thrilled though to see at least one heartbeat! They are having us go back next week to see if they can see any change with the second baby. At least we know that neither embryo is ectopic. (Yes, they can still be ectopic even doing IVF, but the chances are much lower.) My worry was that we would have one that wasn't ectopic and one that was, but that took care of that fear. We are at peace either way things go with the second baby. We would love to have another baby, but if that is not the plan for us we are still absolutely thrilled to have one baby still going strong!

November 1, 2016

Today we had another ultrasound so that we could see what was happening with the empty sac. Usually we wouldn't go in on week 8, but they wanted us to come in because of the empty sac. We were fine with having a bonus ultrasound! We love getting to see what is going on in there. We went in and immediately as soon as they started the ultrasound I could see baby A. He/she has grown so much in just the past week! They let us hear the heartbeat again. It increased to 151 beats per minute from 127 last week which they said is perfect. They said everything is looking good with baby A. They then went to look and see what was happening with Baby B. We could see the sac had grown but there was still no baby. So we will only be having one baby. The empty second sac is what they call a vanishing twin. The second baby stopped developing early on. We are still absolutely thrilled that we have one baby!

The picture on the left is the ultrasound from last week and the picture on the right is today. There has been lots of growth in one week!

Kyla came over today and took some pictures for us as well. We LOVE them!

November 8, 2016

Today we had another appointment at UFC and it was bittersweet. It was our last appointment there. We graduated from the fertility center. We wish we could stay there the whole pregnancy, but we need to transfer to a different doctor. We went in for the appointment and we were excited as always to see our baby. The baby has gotten bigger in the last week and we saw the heart beating right away. They looked around and got some measurements. The heartbeat went up to 184. After they got all the measurements they needed and checked everything out they went back to the baby to see if we could see it moving. It was pretty content today, but we finally got to see it moving its arms and legs right at the end! We then got our final instructions and got our records to take to our new doctor. They then gave us a card that everyone at the office signed and gave us more ultrasound pictures. We then got to sign the "Tree of Life" for our graduation. It is a big tree in the hallway of the office and you sign your name, then when you have your baby you are supposed to bring it into the office for everyone to see and then add your baby's name with yours. It is strange to think we won't be going back there for anymore appointments for this pregnancy, when we have been there so often over the past few months.

We are so excited for things to come but we still get pretty nervous at times with our history. It is always a roller coaster of emotions. We think and look back often on how much has happened for us to get to this point. So many miracles have brought us to this point. We have received so much love and support through this whole process. We are so excited to have baby Morgan on the way and we are hoping for the best! Hopefully we will be bringing a baby home in June! We would appreciate prayers for this baby and pregnancy, as we still have a long road ahead of us.

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