Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Early Announcement Thoughts

Lately there has been a post going around Facebook about Jill Duggar and her pregnancy. There has been some controversy around it. Here is an article that was written about her announcing her pregnancy earlier than 12 weeks.


It saddened me to see some of the comments that were made about the article. Some people were saying that a baby before 12 weeks isn't a baby. I definitely differ on that opinion. I have had many people ask why I announce each early pregnancy and miscarriage. Why not keep it to myself? This article shares a lot of the same views that I have. Each one of my babies is so precious to me. They are waiting for me in Heaven. I carried each baby, dreamed about the future of each baby, and did and do love each baby more than anyone will ever know. Even though so many don't count them and say we still don't have a family, we count them, and we do have 5 angel children waiting for us in the next life. Each precious life should be celebrated no matter how long or short that life is. We celebrate each pregnancy as they come and we think about our angels often. We long for the day when we can be with our beautiful babies again. Even though so many around us don't remember them, we do. We always will. They will always be a part of us. Each pregnancy or early miscarriage doesn't need to be celebrated publicly, but each should be celebrated somehow. Each baby is a precious gift from God. Whenever someone mentions something along the lines of, we don't have any kids, our parents aren't grandparents yet, or other related things, I always think in my mind of my precious children. I think about how they will never be forgotten by Taylor or I.  I thought about this tonight as we did our yearly family pictures. How I wish our babies were with us here on this earth, but they are in my heart every second. Each couple should definitely decide what the right timing is for them to publicly share the life they have created, but no matter what the timeframe is, any pregnancy is a precious life of a baby.