Sunday, July 20, 2014

July Baby Update

July has been a rough month for us on the baby side of things. We have had so many ups and downs in this one month and it is still not over yet. The first part of July, I was just recovering from the kidney stones. Luckily the stone passed quickly and I ended up not having to miss any work. I had to do my brother's wedding luncheon so I was worried about recovering in time but everything went well and I was able to do the luncheon. The hardest part about recovering from the kidney stone experience was knowing that big bills would be coming in from that one ER visit. I had moments where I started regretting going to the ER but then I just reminded myself of the blessing that said that experience was a test to see if we would go to the ER as prompted even though we knew what they would do for our savings for our baby, and we will be so blessed that we went. I am so grateful that I received that blessing. I have looked back on it so many times through the past few weeks to remind myself that things will work out for the best and blessings are coming.

Sure enough, bills soon rolled in to our health insurance company. I was so shocked and my heart dropped when I saw a bill for about $4,000 just for the ER doctor. This bill didn't include anything but the doctor. I had only seen him for 5 minutes! How could this be? I got on the phone with them and they decided the amount was miscalculated and sent the new amount in. The new amount was $500....Yes.....1/8th of the original amount. That was one BIG mistake on their end. We are so grateful that original amount was not correct. That kidney stone is still super expensive but we know it will all work out. It is sad to see all of our savings go when in just a few weeks that savings was to go for IUIs. (We still have all the money from Making Someday though. We were just excited that our personal savings would make up the difference for treatments. We will just need to wait longer to save up more for that difference.)

Even though this month has been frustrating, we are moving forward with hope and faith in Heavenly Father's plan. He has promised amazing blessings will come from following the promptings to go to the ER. We have definitely been blessed. We have struggled so much this month with so many different emotions and trials but we have grown even so much more closer together. We have also been blessed more through our business, Making Someday. Sales have been amazing and I have been receiving so much amazing feedback from customers. I am so happy I can bring some joy to these children that receive these quiet books. The business is keeping hope alive more, because it's a symbol of getting closer to our baby with each sale. We are also looking forward to our race next month (if anyone would like to join us register here: Not only are we excited for the chance to benefit from the raffle, but even if we don't win anything, we are so excited to be a part of this event. It's great to just go be with people in a similar situation.

We are working our way through all these ups and downs and we know someday we will get our dream we are working towards. We are definitely growing stronger and closer together through this all and we are learning so much. We won't be giving up on our goal anytime soon. We have not been knocked down and we will keep on going as long as it takes.