Sunday, May 3, 2015


We have had a lot of people asking where we are at with everything so I decided it was time for another update on everything.

We are making progress with everything but at the same time it feels like we aren't going anywhere because it is slow progress. Taylor started his internship which is progress. His internship will help with savings and it is also exciting because it means in 1 year he will be graduating. That is also about the time we are hoping to be doing IVF or at least be pretty close to do doing it. The big thing that needs to fall into place for IVF is finances, since we want to pay cash,  and then after that we will just need to figure out what the right timing is. About a year from now is our thoughts but that could always change.

Savings is coming along. We are about 1/3 of the way there! It doesn't seem that far, however, with my recent job change we also had to change insurance. The insurance we switched to doesn't cover a single penny for anything related to IVF, when our previous insurance would have covered some of the blood work. So we are now saving more than we had anticipated. There is a possibility that insurance will change again before we do IVF but we are just planning on paying for every cent of it which puts us at about 1/3 of the cost right now.

Even though we are making progress it is so hard to be patient. Especially lately when we have been able to help with our new niece. It is so much fun to see her and snuggle her but it is hard at the same time. It makes it hard to be patient. We want our own baby now. We don't want to wait, but the wait will be worth it. We just have to remind ourselves of that. It may seem like things won't fall in place for forever but it will happen eventually. We just need to keep taking little steps forward.

We are also moving forward with my PCOS. It seems like they have my hypothyroidism balanced out with medications at this point. I am down 13 lb in the last 4 months. I am sure that is laughable to most people but with my PCOS I am quite happy about that progress and will just keep progressing. It gets frustrating and I just have to remind myself that my situation is different. Every pound will help though so I just need to keep moving forward with it. I have a great support system helping me to keep going.

Mother's day is coming up which is always a hard day for both of us. We will get through it though like we always do. We have made it through 3 previous ones so we just need to add another to the list. We have some fun stuff coming up though. On June 6th we are going to be doing the Pound the Pavement for Parenthood Race in Orem. We love doing infertility awareness races. The race fees go toward 1 of 5 sponsored couples. We didn't know anyone who was being sponsored this year but luckily a friend posted about one of her friends being sponsored so we will be joining team Mosbarger. The atmosphere is always so amazing at these events and it is for a great cause. I am sure we will also be doing the Footsteps for Fertility Race again this year as well.

Sales for Making Someday are staying steady which is awesome. It keeps going so much better than I ever could have imagined. I am currently working on adding some new pages to the shop and I am also currently working on books for myself. A while ago I sold my book to someone who really wanted one but I couldn't make one in the timeframe she needed it so she bought my book.

We are excited to keep moving forward. We are just leaning on the Lord to help us through the hard times and help us be patient while we are waiting and working towards where we are trying to get. We have many amazing things to look forward to.