Saturday, February 27, 2016

Moving Forward With Less Of Me

There isn't a whole lot to update on the IVF process. We are still just moving forward with saving and Taylor is getting really close to graduating! He has been interviewing with many companies and we are so excited to see where he will end up working. I am so proud of him and all his hard work! The one area where we are really moving forward is my health! I am officially down 35 pounds! It has been so hard getting here, but I have come to understand PCOS more and have been able to make adjustments to get the weight off. I know this is going to help so much with IVF!

Taylor took me to get some new clothes for Valentine's day because he said I was starting to look "homeless" because of my baggy clothes. When we went shopping I figured out that I am down two sizes since the last time I went shopping. It was very exciting. I was able to get some new things that actually fit.

I had a conversation with Sara where I told here I didn't think I had changed much. She had me look through some old pictures to see how much I had really changed. It has become even more motivation to get even farther.

The two pictures on the left are from our grand canyon trip in November of 2014, right before we found out that we would need to do IVF instead of more IUI rounds, and right before I started making changes. I remember feeling horrible in that shirt. It was so tight and uncomfortable. I tried it on again to see how it was and there was such a huge difference (the picture on the right). It was no longer tight and was actually pretty big on me. It was great to see this change and so exciting for me!

We are still moving forward in every aspect of this infertility journey and we are getting so excited for what is coming!