Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October Update

It has been a few months since I have given an updated so I thought it was about time. Things are moving forward still with working towards IVF. Some days it seems like the time is going by fast but some days seem like the time is going so slow. It helps that Christmas orders are starting to come in and that will help pass the time faster and help get us closer to our goal.

On the health side of things, things are going great. Of course I wish a lot of times the weight I want to lose would come off faster. Wouldn't that be nice? I just have to be patient and remind myself I need to just take it a day at a time. PCOS is brutal and things just aren't going to happen in the time frame I would like. Taylor is a huge support through all of it and reminds me of the end goal often. My running and exercise buddies, Sara and Kyla, are also a huge support and keep me on track. I wouldn't be where I am without all the support. I have lost over 25 pounds!

The finances side of things is also moving forward. We are over half way there! For so long it has felt like an uphill battle, but now that we are over half way it is getting really excited and we feel like we are on a down hill slope getting the rest of the way there. Hitting the milestones help us to keep moving forward through all of this.

As for time frames, up until a few weeks ago our time frame was really vague. We knew a very general time frame that we were shooting for. However, over the past little while we really started talking about setting a goal date. We wanted a more set time to look forward to. We have worked with our IVF coordinator to find out what months our doctor will be doing cycles next year. We were able to immediately remove a few of the options, but then we started thinking a lot about the other dates and prayed about them. We narrowed the options down to 1! We have a date picked! Of course this can always change depending on what comes up and what happens between now and then but it is exciting to have a specific month to look forward to! For a while now it has been, "well maybe in a year or two....", but it is a great feeling to be able to be more specific now.

We have been so blessed through this entire journey. We have such amazing support from family and friends. So much of our journey would not have happened without all the support. Even just having everyone there to keep us going when we feel like we can't move forward anymore ourselves is a huge blessing. We are so excited for what is to come!