Saturday, May 24, 2014

Update: Where Are You At?

Well, we have been getting a lot of people asking us where we are at in our process at this point. I guess it is time for an update on everything.

Making Someday is keeping me extremely busy. At the moment I am working on seven quiet books. I love it though, and it keeps me working towards our ultimate goal. I am so happy I started the business. Not just to help out with getting the finances for treatment faster, but it really makes me feel like I am still working towards our baby while not currently going through treatments. We are so blessed that Making Someday has really taken off. When I opened for business in January my goal was to sell just one book by May. I had so many people tell me that Etsy probably wouldn't be worth it and I probably wouldn't get any sales. However, I just needed to try. I had to do something. As of today, I have sold about 15 books, only one of which was sold to someone I know. These books have went all over the United States and some of them on the list are even going to be going international. I have also sold individual pages and some hand bags. When business started I had only 6 pages that I had designed. My line has grown to over 20 pages! We really are so blessed with this business, and going along with the great business, we are getting closer to our treatments! It is getting so close and I am getting really excited and nervous at the same time. I am excited to take another shot at treatments, but I am also scared to death because it is such a roller coaster and there is sure to be a lot of ups and downs. It is all worth it though to get our miracle.

Going along with the business I need to thank my family and friends. Making Someday is not just my business. I have so many family and friends who are helping me to get orders out the door. This has really become a group effort to get our miracle here. My mom works on the pages a lot as well as my best friend, Sara. I couldn't do it without their help. I also have a lot of other friends who have helped out in these efforts. Sara's mom and sister, Kyla, have helped a lot as well. Taylor does so much of the behind the scenes work and he is amazing to help out. He runs to the store to get us things so we can keep working, he ships the books for us, and he has built a new website for the business. There are many other people who have helped out as well and I appreciate all of it. It all reminds me of a blessing I had once that said something along the lines of our miracle would come through the faith and efforts of Taylor and I, but also through the faith and efforts of our family and friends. Thank you to all those who have helped out in any way! Without you I would not have been able to take as many orders as I have.

On the treatment timeline side of things it is getting closer to when we will be able to start treatments. Finances aren't the only factor that goes into our treatment time though. This is definitely something that is on our minds a lot and we have been praying about it a lot. Right now the plan is to start treatments again at the end of summer. That could always change though. We are just moving forward and trusting in Heavenly Father's plan.

Our race is coming up fast. Only about 3 more months until the Footsteps for Fertility race. We are getting very excited for that as well. We are also so grateful for everyone who has signed up for our race, and those who are planning on signing up. Every registration gives us a better chance at winning. It will be a great day for sure. There is not a single couple at the race who is not deserving. Everyone deserves that chance to get help to become parents. Miracles will happen that day, and because of that day.

During this time we have had a break from treatments I have also been working on health issues. With PCOS and Hypothyroidism it is very hard to lose weight, and extremely easy to gain it. I have two conditions that are not on my side. At least I know more about it all now and it makes a lot more sense. I am grateful we now know I have these conditions. I had them for years and didn't know until recently. My doctor has talked to me about it and he said it is much harder to lose the weight. He said where someone else could lose 5-10 pounds in a month, I would be doing good to lose 1-2 pounds in a month. It really stinks when your body doesn't work the way it is supposed to  and you have to work so much harder to get results. I have had amazing support of family and friends though and I am definitely making progress. I am down 10 lbs to date. That doesn't sound like much for almost 6 months of work but it was hard to do that. I am still moving forward with it all though.

Once again, we are so grateful for all the love and support from all of those around us and we are excited to see what the future holds. We will keep doing updates as the time gets closer for treatment, but it is definitely getting close. Thank you for all of the prayers as well. Thank you for helping us get our miracle here!